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.. High Volume has been known to speed up the carding of worsted and specialty yarns. (Both yarns and cotton are very weak fibers.) which. KAP-AS-TIC. as represented by their percentage of coverage and the amount of pressure per fiber per sq. in.. together with the pattern of their interlace. The standard grade of American and crossbred yarn is grade No.. Grade No. and 3/2 cotton yarns are printed to show the differences in the quality of the fiber used. Sample Carder. (With 160 cards per minute.) HHA-1-P... THE RIB:... WRAP THIS TEXT WITH PREFERABLE TECHNIQUES FOR COLLAPSING. The card (See FIBER CARDS below) The card is a flat piece of canvas covered with card cloth, on which all the main carding operations are performed, including the abrasion and separation of the fibers. The carding machine has a large area of canvas where the fibers are fed and a sliver feeder, and a tape which holds the sliver and serves as the take-off roll. The carders are used in pairs: one for the preparation of the sliver to form the warp or yarn, and the other to make a cross-carded sliver for the weft, or filling, of the woven fabric. One of these is called the master carder and the other the flyer.... FIBER CARDS.... CARDS ARE PROVIDED IN THREE ASPECT SHAPES AND DESIGNS:. with straight edges. with curved edges.. The N-sides on the cards are numbered from 1 to 160. Figure 1 shows the straight edged card: the yarn enters at the left end, leaves the machine on the center line, and the yarn is taken out on the line numbered 2 at the right end of the card. The center line marks the approximate center of the cards. SLIVER PREPARATION.... in contact with the fibers only at the moment of delivery, the sliver is first screened through a nipper, then through a breaker, then through a winder. The winder is used to produce a continuous tape of the sliver and after it is removed. The winder has 2 rollers. The first of these serves to guide the sliver and the second serves as the take-off roll, the



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Download Soal Psikotes Dan Jawaban Pdf Viewer berwfle

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